To me, the most happiest place in New York would have to be in the Bronx, by my area of location, which is Parkchester. Ever since i was a small child, I have grown to love Parkchester and its development over the years. Most of the time when i walk around the area, i can tell you about most of the buildings and even what they used to be before it changed. But the one place that has stood the same over all these years, and my favorite area of Parkchester has to be the Fountain located in the Metropolitan Oval Park. Even when the area around it is constantly changing, the fountain is the one thing that has always kept its presentation. The fountain itself is centered in the Metropolitan Oval Park. Around it is a beautiful array of different types of flowers and plants that further compliments the beauty the fountain holds. The fountain consists of four statues, three that are lined up side to side on one side of the fountain, and a tall one on the opposite end. The tall statue consists of two people riding on top of a giant fish that seems to be jumping out of the water. Durring the holiday season, The fountain would be shut off and covered with a Christmas display composed of a giant Christmas tree, houese covering the statues on one side, and a chimney with Santa clause coming out on top for the tall statue. The fountain is the only sight of water for miles in the area, so i think the fountain does a good job giving variety and comfort to the Parkchester area. It truly does stand out from the multiple buildings that surround the area, its something that i can look at and look back on the fine memories I’ve had in Parkchester over all these years.

The fountain Located in The Metropolitain Oval

The fountain Located in The Metropolitan Oval