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This took m about 3 hours to finish, but im satisfied with how it came out. Due to my crappy quality brushes, some of the strokes came out a bit shakey, but at least it kept its shade. The white got a bit dirty when i was pasting it on the bristol, but overall, i would say it came out well. For 3 hours, i’m satisfied with the final product.

Narrow (Low Key)

Narrow (Low Key)



Here are my collages for Project #3

For the first One, i was making my focus the bell shaped figure, surrounded by a dark frame (disregard the gloss around it, the lighting was not the best in the pictures). As for the second one, i went for variety, although it feels a bit lopsided, but i wanna see what others think i should do before i make major changes to it. does it need more or lesss? I would appriciate some feedback.


This is a low-key image that i would say is the opposite of the image below as far as how the mood is. Think of being in the room once again, but this time, its at night, where the only light you have is the glow of the moon, thus giving the dim beam of light that comes in the room. Imagine if you came in the room at night and it looks like this, wouldnt you feel a sence of discomfort and unsafety. As if the shadow in the corner was concealing something away from your eye. Or if something was going to come out and attack you suddenly from nowhere.




This is a hi-key image, where the focus comes from the left side where the light is illuminating from. The mood it portrays is asi if your trapped in a blank room, with nothing but one window inside of that room. But all you see through that window is a blank ocean. As if you were helpless and alone, isolated from the rest of the world. the only thing that gives you a sence of comfort is that one window in the room, illuminating most of the darkness thats in the room.