After my experience with project number two, i can say my writing skills have developed quite a sum. Although i do feel i could have done some things diffrently in my writing. I noticed  i do have a few problems  getting off topic in some areas, knowing what the topic  should be focused on. I would be on topic in one paragraph, but then soon i would drift off too far into it, I begin to get off topic all together. Another thing that i can see room for improvement is how i word sentences when i talk under a topic. From time to time, i would word sentences to a point where I begin to lose myself and my train of thought. I want my sentences to be able to follow each other in a way that it its both readable and it makes scence. But hopefully, i will learn from my mistakes and be able to carry this knowledge to my other projects, avoiding to make the same mistakes, and to overall improve my writing skills and thought process.

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