After hearing two songs of my choosing, i visualize the sounds in 2 different ways, one being monotonous, and the other having variety. With the song bringing variety, i can hear the pitch of the instruments moving up and down to give it a beautiful tempo with the combined orchestrated instruments, as if it drew waves up and down everywhere it went. Towards the end, the pitch really picks up, as if it was a big finish, before going down again to finish on a soft, light note. as if the big change of pitch was in the background, being the moment of the whole song. the whole time, you would have your mind flowing up and down like a steady wave, rising up even further once the lift came in. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

Now for the monotonous song, i chose a song that was rather dull and depressing for anyone to hear. the one thing i automatically was fixed on through the entire song was the tempo, as if it was constantly tapping in a slow and steady pace, Tap…….tap…….tap……..tap. When i think of the separation of the taps, i think of straight lines going from one end to the other, getting heavier as it ends. combined with the tempo with pitches of tones that makes the mind focus on one point, and you have something that can get monotonous rather quickly. Its as if it makes you feel if your stuck in some sort of limbo in which you can’t seem to break free from, since your so fixed on the tempo.

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