Throughout the whole process of this project, I can’t say it was that easy to do. I would say this project was not only a way for students to see what’s coming along the way, but also to see exactly how long and how hard you have to work to have a final piece of work that comes out to your satisfaction. Part one didn’t matter too much, but when the inking and paper came along, it really puts your precision and handling to the test, since the task was to refine your work as best as you can. If I were to have any regrets, it would be how my final product for the paper piece came out. Regardless of if I took my time, it came out rather rough and inaccurate. I would guess if I had used an actual exacto knife, it would have came out better, but I still think the blade I used would have replicated my actions on the exacto knife as well. The inking part I did twice, since the first time I did not really grasp the understanding of stable and ambiguity. on my second attempt, I took more time to review with my classmates and professor to get a better idea what I could have done better. Overall, the first inked project took me around one hour, while the refined one took me about two. I’m sure if I were to go back to the paper piece, it would take me another hour to refine it, making it from the initial three hours, to four. overall, this project took me about six hours and twenty minutes to complete as a whole. I’m sure for my next project, ill start taking more examples from the classwork and applying the same effort to my work as well, regardless of how long it might take to do so.

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