From my window, its not much to look at, but rather it all depends on the time of day, or even the year to see it at a diffrent perspective. As of now, from  my apartment building on the third floor, the first thing that catches my eye are the huge trees that stand in the middle of the area. since the weather is still warm and sunny, the trees give off a vibrent green glow from the sun giving the area more color and life. The area sadly is usually dull, with just dirt and soil, you barley see any grass grow on it, the only time the ground isn’t boring is when its covered with the orange auitum leaves, or the crisp white snow of the winter. ther area is pretty much sealed off, to the right side of my view is a wide staircase going up to the long, 2 way street thats on the side of my building, and to the left is a parking lot, connected to a publuc park thats on the other side of my building. right infront of my view is another brick building, identical to mine, with windows from diffrent rooms from diffrent apartments you can see into sometimes. the main point of the area by far has to be the single green light post, sitting in the middle of the view. The lightpost has somewhat of an old school look, possibly dating back to the 1900’s, but its the one thing that stands out the most at night, prior to the illuminating lights from the windows of the opposite apartment. its the one thing i adore looking at durring the night. It’s bright, white light gives off a warm, safe kinda feeling when you look at it in the middle of the night, being the only thing that illuminates the dark in that area.