Field Trip

In the many Art works of the blue exhibition in the Nassau County Museum of Art, the Cao Jun’s painting attracted my eye. The picture uses a combination of different kinds of blue which gives the picture a sense of motion and the first impression of majesty. It can be seen as a turbulent sea wave. The dark blue on the left reflected an atmosphere of tranquility deep in the bottom of the sea, the transition blue in the middle shows the middle of the ocean, and the cobalt blue on the surface of the ocean on the right of the picture. Also, the three different kinds of blue brought me a feeling that the sky reflected in the ocean.

This vase from the Cooper Hewitt. The overall shape of this vase is like a trumpet flower. The body of vase-like a root which brought a sense of realism. The edge on the top of the vase is smooth. The color of the vase and its iridescent effect are intertwined together which gave me the feeling of noble, elegant.

This vase from the Cooper Hewitt. This glass vase attracted my attention with its slender body and unique shape. The green, transparent, slender bottleneck shows the true feeling of the plant. On top of the vase, there is a kind of bud to be bloom with a slightly flared mouth. This unique design makes me feel the real plant growth.

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