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After I learned some knowledge about audio and video in the class, I am curious about how to make and edit videos. This video project is the first project to expose me to video.

The video project is mainly to introduce my past projects. The software I used to make this project is adobe premiere. This is my first time to use Premiere, I don’t know enough about the many functions of it. For example, I learned that I can directly import the file format which like indd, .psd, .ai, etc. In fact, I want to learn Adobe Effects more. But compared to Adobe Effects, Premiere is more suitable for editing video, and Adobe Effects is suitable for visual effects in the video.

Also, I have learned the importance of video format, how to export a video. For example, after I finished editing the video with Premiere, I wanted to use the VUE which is a video editing application on the cell phone. And then, I found that it’s easy to process export videos from the computer into the phone, but it is difficult to export a high-resolution video for the computer. Therefore, I learned a way from Google to solve this issue. I create a new project and set the editing mode with high resolution, then I imported my video project. When I exported the video, the frame of the video could be not full of the screen, but the video is high resolution. Therefore, I knew the importance of video format.

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