About Me

My name is Jing Wang and my major is communication design. In fact, I was indecisive in choosing a major during my first semester in college. Initially, I chose architecture as my major because architecture requires strong math and drawing skills, and I was confident that architecture was the right major for me. However, after studying architecture for a while, I realized that it is not really what I want to study. Then I withdrew from the architecture department and chose liberal art because I was still not able to decide what major to study. While taking core classes for the first semester, I kept looking for the things I like and wondering what I want to do after I graduate. Eventually, almost at the end of the first semester, I finally discovered what I am passionate about.

Ever since I was still a kid, I have been attracted to the beautiful scenes in animations. Even though I was not able to produce any animations, I started to learn how to draw and gradually learned to express my thoughts and feelings through drawings. I was sure that with animations, I could turn my ideas into reality. While taking my core classes, I was constantly researching different majors and careers, then I stumbled upon 3D techniques. Therefore, after careful consideration and friends’ encouragement, I changed my major to Communication Design.

I started the new major in my second semester of college. I learned how to use Adobe software to create logos, posters, and many other things, and it all seems to open a new world in my mind. I think if I continue to study Communication Design, I will discover more surprises and make my dream come dream. And my dream is to work as an animator for Disney. Even though the dream seems farfetched, it will always encourage me to be a better self.