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The quote for my visual quote project is “And Still I Rise” from Maya Angelou’s third volume of poetry. The theme of the poem focuses on the hopeful determination to overcome difficulties and frustrations. Just as Maya Angelou expressed her strong power in many poems, she would not give up because of her race or gender. Therefore, I chose “And Still I Rise” for my project.

In the first concept, there are two colors in a rectangle. The black color presented Maya Angelou’s awful experiences. The white color presented the light and beauty in her life. And then, I used different font types. There are obvious differences between black and white. “I Rise” is thicker than “And Still” which means strong and powerful. Also, for the font types on the left side, I drew the black line inside of each letter to present the darkness and difficulties that she has experienced in her life.

For the second visual quote project, I changed the layout of the first concept from landscape to portrait because it presents a better visual effect than the landscape layout. I also applied gradient on the black and white background to visually present the different stages of Maya’s life (from “dark” to “light”). After receiving some feedback, I changed the font type of the quote to San Serif and increased the difference in the font-weight between “and still” and “I rise”, which vividly presents that Maya’s strong will paid off and eventually achieved success. Lastly, I added some “scratches” to “and still” to present darkness and difficulties that she experienced early in her life.

1.The final version PDF:

In the second concept, I used a triangle to present the heart of Maya Angelou because it is the strongest shape. I put the “Rise” on the baseline of the triangle wanting to show “Rise” supporting the whole triangle. In the center of the triangle, I put the author in a rectangle which presents the most powerful center. Also, the black and white present the dark and light.

For the second concept, I enhanced the visual effect by changing its background color from white to red. The red color presents the power and energy in Maya’s life. Also, I took a classmate’s suggestion and moved the Maya Angelou attribution below “Rise.”

For the final second concept,I chose the Black and white version.

2.The final version PDF:

In the third concept, I used a picture of fire for the background and set it as a multiply to create an effect in which the words and fire are intertwined. I also placed the human shadow in the fire with a multiply effect, hoping to create an effect of a reborn.

For the third concept, I took suggestions from the professor and classmates. I corrected a copyright and formatting issue by placing the photo credit, as well as removing the border and dash from the Maya Angelou attribution.

Final third concept Photo Copy From Pinterst AMOLED Fire Wallpaper

3.The Final version PDF:

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