RONY Project 1

The first project I was given when I first came to RO NEW YORK was to create content for the Olivida Instagram page. It was a little overwhelming at first because I was already given actual client work but I eventually got the hang of it. I was first told to research and read about the company so I can understand the brand’s identity. Olivida is a natural organic soap company. After conducting my research, I found free stock photos that I thought best suited the look and feel of the brand and began creating designs. I created both animated gifs and images. The source of the free stock photos I used was from Unsplash.

After compiling all these photos and design elements, I placed them into an instagrid. An instagrid is basically a layout of all the posts. Each photo or gif animation would be listed with the corresponding date they would be posted. This first project turned out to be an ongoing one. I worked on it for the first few couple of weeks to create enough content for the first few couple of months, and then I would come back to it at a later time to have enough for the rest of the year. I definitely learned a lot from this project because I had to create content that not only embodied the brand’s aesthetics but the company I am representing as well.

Here is the link to the Olivida Instagram page:

Below is an example of what an instagrid looks like, some of the content I designed, and what the Olivida Instagram page currently looks like.