RONY Collaborative Project

An example of a collaborative project that I worked on during my internship was on a special for the Title of Work Instagram story on October 9th, 2018. The Junior Art Director and I were in charge of designing the content for that story. The brand was featured in an article on WWD ( Title of Work is one of our clients, they are a men’s accessories brand. The goal was to highlight the article as well as the opening of TOW’s first official store. It is posted on the TOW Instagram (IG @titleofwork) in the story highlights labeled WWD.

After the status meeting that morning, our creative director wanted us to have the story ready for review by the afternoon to be posted that day at 4pm. I went over to his computer so we can combine both of our ideas into one document. Together, my colleague and I came to a consensus on how we would lay out the story. When it was completed, we sent a PDF document to the creative director and the creator of Title of Work for review. Upon review, we were given slight revisions that were easily fixed. Once the revisions were completed, the pages were exported as JPEGS and set for upload. Overall, the collaborative experience was a good one. We were able to work together and get the assignment done within the given time. We were both very satisfied with the outcome of the design.

Here is the link to the TOW Instagram:

Here is the PDF file of the Instagram story: TOW_INSTASTORY_WWD_10.09.18TOW_INSTASTORY_WWD_10.09.18