Reflection 2

13 February 2018

Reflection 2 – What Kind of Graphic Designer Am I?

Before I get into what kind of a graphic designer I am, I think it would be best to discuss the kind of person I am first. I am the kind of person who works well independently and in a group. I believe this is very important because you want to be able to work on your own projects and also be able to collaborate with other creative minds. I am a diligent, detail-oriented, creative thinker with an eye for detail. I am not afraid to voice my opinion and provide constructive feedback. Especially with my work, I welcome critiques because it helps me grow and learn as a designer to see what others see that I couldn’t.

Now that I spoke a bit about the kind of person I am, let’s talk about the kind of graphic designer I am. During my time here at the New York City College of Technology as a Communication Design major, I have dabbled in a lot of areas. I’ve taken photography, packaging design, web design, print production, typography, and a bunch of other courses. Web design was the least enjoyable only because of all the coding and the countless headaches. Despite that, I will say that learning HTML and CSS can prove to be useful skills to know in this field. I am competent enough to design and create a website with multiple pages.

If I had to determine whether or not I am a generalist or a specialist, I’d say I am a generalist. A generalist is a person who is proficient in several different areas of the same field. I wouldn’t mind pursuing a profession in packaging design, photography, advertising, branding, or even editorial design. However, the dream is to be an in-house graphic designer for Nike. Now I know it might not be the job I land immediately after I graduate from college, but it is still the primary goal.

Freelancing is not something I envision myself doing full-time. Although, I wouldn’t mind doing some freelance work on the side while I am still a full-time student in college or in the future while I am working full-time. I don’t like the instability and the idea of having to worry about when I would obtain my next job/client. Of course, working in freelance, you have to have a strong mindset.

Stability is important to me because growing up in a Chinese household; there are a lot of expectations. My parents are very supportive and respect all my decisions, but of course, they worry whether or not I can secure a full-time job in the particular field I am in. My grandma on my dad’s side likes to brag about her grandsons (my cousins) and how successful and accomplished they are. Choosing a path in the arts is something my grandma could not understand and could recognize as a reputable career choice. That is why part of my drive is to prove her wrong. I will prove not only to her but also to myself that I can do it, that my passion for design and my work will land me a full-time position in this field.