RONY Independent Project

I was given an independent project from the Brand Strategist at RO a while back. She thought I would be perfect for this project because of my athletic background. Mind and Movement Partners wanted to create an active program for inner city kids. Kids nowadays aren’t as physically active anymore due to budget cuts, and the lack of resources and opportunities. For this project, in particular, Mind and Movement Partners wanted to partner up with Outdoor Voices, a clothing company that sells women’s and men’s athletic apparel. The company was founded in 2013 by CEO, Tyler Haney. Tyler Haney supports being active, healthy, and happy. She created this company so that people are inspired to be active on a daily basis. In this partnership, not only would they be providing these programs but also apparel and accessories as well.

What I had to do was create a presentation document for MMP that they would use to pitch their idea to Outdoor Voices. It was suggested by the Brand Strategist that the presentation had to have that simple, clean, and minimalistic design that OV does, and to use their colors. So, I researched and compiled free stock photos from Unsplash as well as images from OV. After finding the perfect images, I added the copy that was given by MMP. This presentation went through a few revisions before it was good enough to proceed forward. After creating this version of the presentation, I had to create another one that was for MMP’s internal purposes only. I was just told last week by the Brand Strategist that this project is moving forward and that they just had a meeting with Outdoor Voices. Hearing this made me very proud and happy that I got to be apart of this.

Here are both presentations, the first is the MMP x OV one and the second is the MMP one.