Culmination Proposal

Jonathan Stampfl Culmination Project Proposal.docx

For my culmination project, I want to produce a documentary on Academy for careers in TV and
film and how studying film affected the the graduates career choices to either follow the path of
working in the film industry or deciding to go another route. I went to the Academy for Careers
in TV and Film for high school. My high school was based off the idea that they could have
people who have worked in the industry teach teens in high school what you need to do to work in the film industry. They taught kids at a younger age in high school so that they would have a head start if they decided to work in the Tv/Film industry. My high school teaches all aspects of film and when you get into your junior and senior year you begin to focus on one specialized position in the industry that you want to do like directing, camera, lighting, sound, editing, props, production design, etc…… I want to show in my documentary that my high school taught us more than just skills to work in film industry, they taught us respect for the industry and everything in it and that this industry is not a one man job. They showed us that this is a team effort and no one person can get any job done by themselves in this business. To do this I plan on interviewing multiple teachers who have worked in the business and get there take on the high school and what the high school is producing. I also want to shoot the teachers in action with the students working on their films. I will also be interviewing people who have graduated from my high school and I want to talk to people who decided to continue in the film industry and people who decided not to. I also want to interview current students of the high school to get there take on how the high school might affect there future and what they want to do. I want to see if people who decided not to continue if it was based off of a personal choice or if it had something to do with the high school. If I get permission too I would also like to shoot some of the graduates who decided to continue in the film industry in action by shooting them on set and show them using the tools that my high school taught them. I will also be part of the documentary to give my insight on how my high school has affected me up to this point in my life and how it will affect my future .