Shoot Day # 3

This was Probably the most important shoot day for my culmination project. I spent most of the day filming at my high school Academy For Careers in TV and Film. I filmed two or three groups working on there projects which is a chase project where they are learning about how to use a dolly. I also got some good shots of teachers interacting with the students and helping them with there projects. I interviewed the head of the production department Alan Metzger who gave some good insight on Actvf and how they started to where they are now. One problem I faced was one of the teachers I was gonna interview was not there because they had gotten injured and so I had to come up  with something else to shoot. I decided to film some alumni who work at the school  and I interviewed them on projects they were working on and I got B roll of them working. I also got shots of the equipment that is used in the school and I got shots establishing the interior and exterior of the school. Overall this shoot day turned out really good and I might only need a couple of more insert shots otherwise I’m just about ready to start editing.