Johann Gutenberg Report

Today there’s a big market in Communication Design and it’s needed for all kinds of businesses everywhere. A long way has come and gone in the world Graphic Communication Design and today it continues to grow. However, the field has a long history and it dates back many years ago when it was in its primitive and experimental stages.

The stages of early printing date back years and some have improved along the way which means we still use today. Johann Gutenberg invented the first printing press in 1456, Hence the name the Gutenberg Press. This machine was the first printing machine able to print out type. This machine was able to produced the very first mass production of printed which allowed these reading material ever to be read in the world. The material that was mass produced was the Bible which was made easier to be distributed all over Europe. The bible was name as Gutenberg bible in refers toward the printing press. Gutenberg’s invention was used for many years to come until 1886, when Ottmar Mergenthaler invented the Linotype machine. This machine was even faster and showed more results. As years went on many more new types of print machines were invented, printing documents became faster and in less time. Which was creating and making the Communication Design field bigger, better and more demanding.

There are many methods still used today and one method is the series of fonts that were created years back and have become modernized in order to use them in the 21th century. Communication Design market today is well known to be very demanding and  plays a huge part in this world. Today there are there are many kinds of designers and many printing methods. The are many types of designers and examples are designers who do packing, work for publishing companies, and digital publishing and imaging.  There are many kinds of printing machines that  produce small and massive prints. Each have various type of  paper that have been created over time, and each machine that will help print this. The type of printing which is will become a big help is  3D printer which can print 3 dimensional objects that are design in a program. In this world there are many printers and there will come to exist printer far better.

The Communication Design industry has come a long way and is still growing.   However, we can’t forget the man who made it possible and was able to create the printing world we know today. It all began with one simply printing press, a press Machine that was able to print a mass produce of bibles, In today’s world mass-production can happen with any printing machine that’s able to print any kind images and documents all over the world.  

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