ADV 1100: Graphic Design Principles 1

jessica Color Inventory 2

Color Inventory


JessicaAndRichardProject 2

Group Color Interactions (Richard and Jessica)


View of my Window



During this course, I was able to learn many new information that has helped me as a future graphic designer student. I have learned many subjects between defining colors to understanding¬†range values. Personality¬†before coming to this class I wasn’t sure of myself, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. At first, I came to this class not knowing anything I had no experience in an art. However, this class has helped me increase my confidences it took me a while to get to know the information and understand more. I found this course one of the most usefully class, my professor really explained each subject clearly and I got to learn slowly what each subject is. In this course, ¬†I¬†felt like I have grown both a bit more socially and academically. However, I feel like this class has lend me into believing that there is an¬†improvement within one and if you try you get the fullest understanding. This course had¬†lend me to push myself further and further and to be more successful during my college years.¬†

During these course, we made six project and out those projects I chose three that I enjoy. The¬†three projects I have chosen were one of the best projects I have done during this course. The first one, the first top image is one of my favorite and these image is my color interactions for project#6 in this course. These course was the first to introduce to me the concept of color inventory, since I don’t really know anything and this course is the first to helped me understand what it mean. During project#6, I had trouble trying to get the hang of it and didn’t know what I was doing. However, the professor helped me understand the how my color inventory was related to my other assignment. The second image below¬†consist of ¬†color interactions from a previous project before. The Group Color Interactions was created by both¬†Richard and myself, we were suppose to find colors that represent one another. The image displayed is a muted colors, a muted blue and muted orange with a center of green. In this project, which is project#5 I really enjoyed was how we were able to express one another by using a color, this project was creative in trying to ¬†find color and an image that express one another. Also, we had to chose colors that have either a change in either in hue or value or both. The last image I had chosen was the first project from this course, we had to create an image from our window view. We first created thumbnails of our sketches and later on our final part we were to cut black paper and chose four images and paste on the large bristol. In this project I got introduced to the beginning and a great step to my future. It was one of my favorite project which¬†engage me into forcing in this class. ¬†It was a difficult for me in the course however, I’m really proud that I was able to learn many things. I’m really proud of myself for the results of the work I did.¬†


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