Hi, my name is Jessica Pareja I’m a sophomore at New York City College of Technology.  I’m currently majoring  in Communication Design. I enjoy photography, I believe once  a camera captures an image, it can describe a million words. Before majoring and enrolling in New York City College of Technology, I did film. I enjoy editing videos, as a editor I enjoy creating stories. As a designer I enrolled in City Tech not knowing much of design however my passion for design encourage me to continue. My designs to people might seem weak and in need of work. However, I am thankful for those designs because for every design I do lend closer to my dreams. As a person majoring in communication design there is one thing I would want to say, its simply that design is everywhere. I would like people to understand what design is and how beautiful it can be. As a designer I hope one day I can achieve this. However, currently I want to continue to grow independently and create beautiful designs.

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