The Society of Illustrators

During our class time, we went on another field trip to visit the Society of Illustrators. The place was a small place however, it had showed me many artwork and gave me ideas of how the Design isn’t just design in posters its art. The Society of illustrators facility has many works from art to picture books and each has different purposes. These artworks had designs that I wasn’t really awarded of. For example, I knew that the art in picture books were made from someone but it didn’t remember inspired me to dig deep. I always liked the images in books but I didn’t really pay close attention. Just like many people, I want to design what is current. The Society of Illustrators facility is well established even though its small. The Society of Illustrators facility is located in 128 East 63rd Street. An area where there is people however, since its located in a small street you can’t realize what it is. As they were saying in Society of Illustrators people come to see what new work artist bring. The person showing us around help me understand that every design is sketched for example, he showed us an artwork of Harry Potter and Chamber of Secret. Every art has a different meaning to it. Society of Illustrators had many different floors and each had did works. The first Floor Books, the second floor a Japanese artist, the third was a restaurant and the last floor was a storage room. Each floor was amazing displaying how art is a step toward design. My favorite art in Society of Illustrators was an artwork of a pig with a red and white shirt. These art was toward the children stories. Another art I liked was the Robin Hood, The black arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was beautiful and well illustrated I enjoyed it.   I learned many artwork and the struggles to have a design work in details. It has help me with my design work as an artist.

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