Project#5: Gallery Catalogue Entry

Love┬áis a humument created by Jessica Pareja. The artist used a double page from the book ┬áthe famous Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The interpretation shown is to bring out the artist piece in a different interpretation of the text. The artist had designed the piece to show the reading ┬áfrom top going across and going to bottom with lines guiding┬áthe reader from word to word. The reading says┬áÔÇť I cannot nor any other man. I love myself. Love lent me counsel and I never would.ÔÇŁ. After reading the piece, the artist wanted┬áthe readers to understand her feeling and thoughts. The artist wanted to express┬áthat someone dear to her left however, she just tries to love her inside in fear of getting hurt. It is┬ádesigned to give off a sense of sadness, understanding, and fearful.

The artist used an analogous palette for the color choices of this piece. The colors are meant to give a sign of hope for these character. The theme might be love, looking for love but she just wants to be loved by people surrounding her. The blue and green as well as gray give off a positive color. The color shows more of a sad feeling and yet with the yellow it symbolism hope within herself.  The artist chose to draw a heart in the middle and colored it yellow to show around the words more clearly in the piece. The yellow heart is hope of love is within herself and it symbolism a light to her life. All the colors are around the heart to symbolism her darkness and fear. The colors around the heart is a violet blue, dark green, light green as well as gray. The words represented in the artwork can be seen clearly and they are in a rectangular shape. The lines are shaped in blue, the blue is sending out a message of sadness.

In the original text, the artist used Romeo and Juliet to show the opposite of being in love. In these scene the couple just started to fall in love with one another however, the artist try to do the opposite. The message is very different than what is on the original text has however, the artist felt like it was perfect for it describe sadness in love.The scene is when Romeo and Juliet just start falling in love and is actually giving a sense of love feeling. The message in the humument is the opposite, she wants to love herself and scared to love someone.

Overall, the readers and artists might question the artist choice in color or why that scene or they may find out their own intepretations to this humument. The artists main purpose is to leave the readers and viewers inspired and just have an understanding to her inner feeling. This feeling that have a hope and fearful start. The artist tried to used muted color and cool colors to show the impact of her situation and how slowly she grow out of it. The meaning of the piece is to feel love.

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