Summary: The Boston Photographs

In the passage “The Boston Photograph” Nora Ephron describes the use of viewing a situation, how an image can affect many people’s view neither a positive or negative effect. During an accident photographs were captured and each photos had an image about the rescue occurring. However, in one of the picture it shows the women falling with her child. The child survive,the women fell to her death but the baby landed on top of her body. The photographs were published on the newspapers that were seen by across. In the passage, Ephron states “Seib takes it for granted that the widespread though fairly recent newspaper policy against printing pictures of dead bodies is a sound one…printing pictures of dead corpses raises all sort of problems about taste and titillation and sensationalism; the fact is, however that people die…Why not show it? That’s what accidents are about. “(pg 61.) An image can have both side a positive or negative effect but the people will continue to have an opinion. Either to try to see that the image of the women dying causes sorrow but people have to be inform more about what happen, what the situation was. A photograph was many words and meaning that not everyone will agree on, it has a powerful words that can make people argue.

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