Summary: Ways of Seeing by John Berger

In the passage “Ways of Seeing” John Berger describes the the way of viewing the outside world and viewing into a deeper meaning.However, John Berger try to force on how our perspectives┬áhave changed from before and now; how it will continue to change. Berger carefully describes the many ways of viewing┬áthe image and how our mind can trick us. He describes how our eyes are always moving and trying to figure out. Berger introduces the different work out art and examples of┬áart work however throughout showing the different perspective of seeing the artwork. Berger states “The camera isolated momentary appearances and in so doing destroyed the ideas that images were timeless…The invention of the camera changed the way men saw.The visible came to mean something different to them.This was immediately reflected in painting.”(pg 18.)Berger mentions how peoples perspective are changing due to the technology. An example is the cameras, they can change the meaning from the original causing the people to view differently. Each person has a different view however having the camera image can change a people’s perceptive and sometimes, missing a detail. Berger’s passage just forces on the change of peoples view and how the change will continue as technology increases. ┬áThere won’t be the same perceptive from now to next time,its constantly changing.

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