Summary: City Limits by Colson Whitehead

In the passage “City Limits” Colson Whitehead describes what being a New Yorker is all about. A New York is not hear or seeing, its about living the present and knowing the past. Whitehead is sort of mentioning that it doesn’t matter how long you have lived in New York, what counts is able to reflect any situation that happens around your New York. It all starts with how New York was introduce. To  many people New York City was first seen by different reasons however, from there we all start to create our own perspective of New York. In the third paragraph , Whitehead starts to mention about how he views his New York. He starts to describe about what became his New York, he describe every inch and how everyone living or knowing New York City should have experiences but just myth about New York. He later mentions about building, how it starts to change when one building is torn down and a new is build in its place. How we don’t notice any change until its gone. However, the point is to move forward because New York will continue to change with us. No matter what happens we have to accept the new and face forward our New York is changing.

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