Project#2:Aural Topographies: Research

Song: Wings by Daesung (Big Bang)

When hearing the song at first you can really tell the beats and its hard to imagine¬†until halfway to the song where the bet is gets faster. At first I just can’t help but force more on the lyrics than the beat. However, after replaying the song over and over, the lyrics fade and you’re able to ¬†listen close toward the beat. The sounds I hear its piano, drums, and a basic. The patterns I hear are more like bubbles or ¬†balloons for children. Patterns that are shown is lines that are continuous.

When the song begins I am able to imagine the patterns with my eyes close. At the start of the song I see lines that parallel but once the beat gets faster around  0:13, the lines break into two and begin forming circle. These circles create a loop and  I see individual circles that are floating  around just like bubbles. When the song hits at 0:30 seconds, the lines begin again however, the lines are more faster matching the beat. Every time the drums play, I imagine bubbles. The bubbles appear as the same number of the drum beats and how fast the  drum beat is going. In the bubbles I would shade it dark, medium, or light depending on the movement. Around 2:00 seconds, I would continue to raise the lines making them more similar like the middle beginning however more steeper.


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