Project#2: Overlapping New York (Location)

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In order to know more about the location surrounding City Tech, I took a different train route to explore and get to know the neighborhood. I took the 2 train and got of at Borough Hall, there I continue to walk north there I was able to see the court house. I was kind of surprised I wasn’t expecting to see any. The court house was very¬†beautiful, the structure of the building and how that location looked so neat and clean. I don’t come to Brooklyn very often, I always thought of Brooklyn as sort of gloomy. However, passing the court house prove me wrong. As I continue walking, I changed my path and walked east there I got lost and was on sure where I was. I ¬†passed a shake shack located on Joralemon St and Boerum Pl and the start of Fulton St. After 5 mins to 10 mins, I found the school ending my trip soon and these ending my 15 min walk. I choose my final location at around the court house located on the Montague St and Court St. The area has¬†a¬†juxtaposition an example would the court house. The court house is surrounded by many new stores that haven’t been there at the same time as the court house.¬†I believe a sign of¬†overlapping¬†is the¬†new building surrounding the court house. There are many new buildings who are being fixed next to the¬†court house.¬†An example, is the FedEx building, the building can’t be the same as the court house.¬†Juxtaposition is shown by the differences between a old building and a new upgraded building.

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