Project #1: Reflections

After being introduce to project #1 and understanding what we needed to do, we finally finished and able to move on. In project #1, I describe who I am and how my avatar became to be. I really force more on my myself, which I mention were I came from and what I enjoyed. The following paragraphs, I later describe what my avatar is and what it represent. My avatar is simple but like I mention there is a million ways how I see myself with that image. There might be other images that I could of used but the image of a camera I felt that it was who I was as a person than any other. I was able to follow the guidelines however it was difficult to try to remind in the same topic. However, I really enjoy making this project and I know it will come helpful later on the following projects.

The first project helped each classmate understand and know one another. We got to understand each individuals avatar and what it represents to one. I learned a valuable lesson and what I’m most proud of, I believe project #1 helped find our self.  It got us using our brain and thinking mentally as toward who we are and what we want the world to know us. The image we used for our avatar helped establish our thought together. It allowed us to describe what we see and what might other think. What I still need more help in is thinking as a third person, it was hard for me to think like how would someone else view me. What I really wish the most was if people would have commented more on my project. During the making of this project I spend almost a week re-reading my work if it made an sense. The most time it took was writing as a third person thinking how people will view my avatar. However, project #1 really helped me and hopefully using this it will allow me to think mentally in all my writing later on the future.


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