Project #1: Introducing Yourself (Draft)

My name is Jessica Pareja, born and raised in New York City. I speak two languages, English and Spanish both languages have allowed identify who I am. I am currently a freshman at City Tech and majoring in Communication Design. However, I’m still not sure if I would like to continue majoring it. As a human being I have many passion and many wonders that I would like the world to see. I come from a high school who major program is Television and Film. In the I was lucky to learn how to use cameras, and edit in my softwares. Starting there we had to film and edit our own projects. Due to that high school I was allowed to find myself and I decided to learn my things. One thing that I enjoy the most is photography which allow me to capture millions of expression within one moment.

My consideration for my avatar is an image of a camera, believing that a camera well express me. I believe that the image of a camera helps people understand what I enjoy to do the most. If defining the word camera it is usually referred as a device for recording or capturing an image. The camera represents me in different ways first by showing of that I can hold and capture many ideas. However, I only choose the best ideas to be exposed. A camera only flashes when its holder decides to shot when coming across an object. Therefore, I believe with the help of my fellow classmate I can continue to grow as a person.

Other people might have different perspectives when they come across my avatar they might just view it as me just enjoying photography. They might not even know why a camera is posted as my profile picture because it doesn’t define me or simple because it has nothing to do with my major. One might suggest that it’s my hobby but they won’t think as it as being my career. City Tech might not offer photography as a major, not many colleges have that however I want people to understand that the camera is just defining how I’ll be able to learn and put away many important moments that will be presented in my life.

Overall my profile and avatar show images and texts that I can define on. The images presented allow people to show what I’m able to do even if I still don’t have my mind set up. It shows even though I can’t do a wonderful art piece I will continue to try. No matter what happens I will continue to learn and fight until I get it right. If I decide to continue majoring or change I know I will have skills to present. I hope in four years I am able graduate and be proud for the person I became.

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  1. HAI says:

    In your draft I had understood your background, interesting, and unsure of your future. However, I want to know is photography more important drawing in her life? At this point nothing is extraneous and nothing is missing, fully express the important details relate to your life.

    PS: Jessica, can you comment my draft. I need some comments for doing the reflection for the English class.

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