View from My Window: Critique


The image was made Monday 09/15/14 in the afternoon I started at 5pm and ended at 9pm. It took me a long time to start and a long time to end. First I have trouble getting the measurements and later I had trouble cutting the black paper with the exacto knife. Since it’s my first time using it I had many failed black paper, I couldn’t get the right one. It took several tries and a ton of wasted black paper even till the end I couldn’t get it right thus explaining why it wasn’t cut more neatly.

My name is Jessica and the image above is my compete project#1 for my graphic design principles. While making this project I really enjoy it, I enjoy experimenting with new things. I learned how to use a exacto knife and learned inking. While making these projects I could have done better with my drawings and especially for my final I couldn’t cut well with the exacto knife due to never using it.  This is my first experiment with using new materials and my crafting skills however now learning and experience with this I can work better with my new upcoming projects. I’ll draw till my drawing come prefect and till its a piece that something I can be proud of.

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