Work Place Culture

The office culture at Time Inc. is very formal. The attire Monday- Thursday is usually very professional. Through the office men and women normally where suits. On Friday the office is usually a bit more casual, but still formal. As an intern I uphold a professional attire every day of the week.  I usually wear slacks, a dress shirt, and shoes. A typical day at work would usually last 8hrs. I arrive at the office at 9 am. Upon arrival I check my email in order to see whats on the agenda for the day. Most days I often respond to emails from Time Inc.’s outsourcer companies. After responding to emails I begin performing Q & A checks on XML and PDF content we’ve received. My lunch break is an hour a day. I have the freedom to take my lunch break from 12pm – 2pm for an hour. After lunch, I continue to perform analysis on XML and PDF content until 5pm. Time Inc. provided my with a cubicle and a computer to perform daily analysis. On occasion I may make a trip to the library to retrieve articles, but I often stay at my cubicle.

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