Completing my Internship with time Inc

As my internship comes to an end, the office is very quite because the company began to lay off a lot of its employees. My team in particular has been laid off and their workload has been redirected to my supervisor. My supervisor is having a hard time transitioning as she has to train a new India based team who assumed the roles of my former team.

My experience at my internship has taught me a lot as far as how the corporate world work’s. Each project has a deadline, which has no room for error. Working with deadlines was sometimes stressful because it was my first time working within a serious environment. Also, I’ve learned that the people around the workspace have a lot of wisdom to offer so its always key to get to know and work well with ones associates. Although my team was laid off, they taught me a lot about how to operate within a corporate atmosphere.


How would I evaluate my performance?

My performance during my internship increased from a nervous student to a confident worker. Throughout my life I’ve had jobs outside of my profession in which I felt comfortable because it was not a corporate atmosphere. Working within the field I am studying in college inside of a corporate office was nerve racking for me because it is the first time I am able to see if I have to the ability to work in a real world environment.


Working a year with Time Inc. , has given me the confidence to work within a corporate office. Time Inc. provided me with efficient organizational skill, team working ability, and the ability to work well with all personality types. Although I’ve had ups and downs working at Time Inc. , my character and willingness to learn helped me succeed.

Internship Collaborative projects

I was hired for my internship at Time Inc. to complete the Fortune archive project. My self and another intern, Frank, performed daily quality assurance on all Fortune magazine issues we received.

Frank and I were hired for the project in August 2014 and we worked together until March 2015. Throughout our time together, Frank and I shared a cubicle. This was difficult at times because I was sharing an enclosed area with a person I was just meeting for the first time. Aside from sharing an enclosed space with a stranger, Frank and I had to agree on the execution of the overall project. This was difficult because we both had different point of views and it was difficult to persuade my partner to compromise. Once Frank and I formed a rhythm, work days became easier although we weren’t didn’t fully agree on all topics.


Eventually my boss noticed my partner was not fully committed toward the internship. Once my boss noticed that Frank wasn’t fully into the internship due to his attitude she let Frank go and she decided to keep my for the completion of the Fortune project.

What have I learned?

In continuing my education after receiving my associates degree, I made a plan to obtain a position within a corporate business. This was important to me because I wanted to gain experience working in a corporate atmosphere. Time Inc.’s internship request provided me with that opportunity to learn about working in a professional environment. So far I’ve learned how to work independently with foreign outsourced companies. In working with foreign outsourcing companies my communication skills have become stronger. Time Inc. has also provided me with various editing tools in regard to content, design, and imaging. These skills will help me in my profession because I can apply this to organizing content as I develop websites and making sure my websites maintain quality content. Also, the skills I’ve learned will help me provide quality imaging and design to all projects I work on. Aside from working with quality content, design, and imaging, clerical skills such as emailing and creating spreadsheets have developed due to the fact that I must maintain collected data of magazines I’ve performed Q & A on.


Work Place Culture

The office culture at Time Inc. is very formal. The attire Monday- Thursday is usually very professional. Through the office men and women normally where suits. On Friday the office is usually a bit more casual, but still formal. As an intern I uphold a professional attire every day of the week.  I usually wear slacks, a dress shirt, and shoes. A typical day at work would usually last 8hrs. I arrive at the office at 9 am. Upon arrival I check my email in order to see whats on the agenda for the day. Most days I often respond to emails from Time Inc.’s outsourcer companies. After responding to emails I begin performing Q & A checks on XML and PDF content we’ve received. My lunch break is an hour a day. I have the freedom to take my lunch break from 12pm – 2pm for an hour. After lunch, I continue to perform analysis on XML and PDF content until 5pm. Time Inc. provided my with a cubicle and a computer to perform daily analysis. On occasion I may make a trip to the library to retrieve articles, but I often stay at my cubicle.

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My Role at Time Inc.

I obtained my internship a year ago after entering New York City of Technology. Professor Dan Wong announced Time Inc. publishing company was recruiting interns. After professor Wong’s announcement I submitted my resume. Time Inc. contacted me via cell phone for a phone interview. My phone interview went well, so I then received another phone call for a face to face. interview. The face to face interview also went well so therefore I was hired immediately. My responsibilities consist of performing quality assurance archiving Fortune issues and Sports Illustrated issues. Daily, I check XML content to make sure the content in the XML matches the content in the PDFS. If the XML or PDF content is damaged I perform an editing process to make sure all content is accurate. My Supervisor’s name is Nadine Ghosn. Nadine is the director of operations with the digital content production department.



Nadine oversees the production of content management for various magazines such as Fortune, Sports Illustrator, Entertainment Weekly, Time, etc.  During the interview process Nadine and I quickly became accustomed to one another due to the fact that we had similar education paths. Nadine and I attended Borough Manhattan Community College before attending the New York City College of Technology. Nadine was the only person who interviewed me, so becoming accustomed helped the process proceed smoothly.




The Internship Introduction

Hi my name is Jarrett Mcgirt. I am currently a senior attending the New York City College of Technology. I’ve been employed with Time Inc. as an intern for the past year. Time Inc. is a large multimedia publishing company located in New York. Time Inc. publishes various brands such as   cultural, sports, and entertainment magazines. Time Inc. is currently a publicly traded company. Time Inc. began in the 1920’s privately and became public after separating from it’s partnered communications company, Time Warner, in May 2014. In May 2014 Time Inc. launched an archiving project for it’s well known Fortune magazine. After launching the project I was hired as an intern in the digital content production department. Within the department I was trained to provide daily Q&A (quality assurance) for Fortune issues between the 1930’s and 2013. Recent news about Time Inc. indicates that the company strives to create demanding revenue after it’s separation from Time Warner.  The companies finances are up although it’s not as strong as it’s previous years.