About Me

Hi, my name is Jarrett McGirt. I am currently a senior at New York City College of Technology. I obtained my associates degree in Multimedia Programming at Borough Manhattan Community College. After obtaining my associates degree in Multimedia programming, I realized programming wasn’t my passion. Art and design has always been my passion. Combining programming and design is my main focus, so coming into NYCCT I became a communication design major. Within the communication design major I discovered the webdesign module. The web design module fit well with my career interest due to the fact that I am learning how to combine my programming skills with my design skills. Now I am a senior in pursuit of my bachelors degree in communication design. My skills consist of:

  • Multimedia programming
  • Color & Typography
  • Logo art
  • UI/UX design
  • HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript

Currently I have an internship with Time Inc. publishing company. Within Time Inc. I am apart of the digital content production team. My reponsibilities consist of archiving Fortune magazine issues between the time period of 1930 – 2015. While archiving, we provide quality assurance for each magazine being processed. Overall, my internship provided me to practice various skills I’ve learned throughtout college.