Internship Collaborative projects

I was hired for my internship at Time Inc. to complete the Fortune archive project. My self and another intern, Frank, performed daily quality assurance on all Fortune magazine issues we received.

Frank and I were hired for the project in August 2014 and we worked together until March 2015. Throughout our time together, Frank and I shared a cubicle. This was difficult at times because I was sharing an enclosed area with a person I was just meeting for the first time. Aside from sharing an enclosed space with a stranger, Frank and I had to agree on the execution of the overall project. This was difficult because we both had different point of views and it was difficult to persuade my partner to compromise. Once Frank and I formed a rhythm, work days became easier although we weren’t didn’t fully agree on all topics.


Eventually my boss noticed my partner was not fully committed toward the internship. Once my boss noticed that Frank wasn’t fully into the internship due to his attitude she let Frank go and she decided to keep my for the completion of the Fortune project.

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