My Role at Time Inc.

I obtained my internship a year ago after entering New York City of Technology. Professor Dan Wong announced Time Inc. publishing company was recruiting interns. After professor Wong’s announcement I submitted my resume. Time Inc. contacted me via cell phone for a phone interview. My phone interview went well, so I then received another phone call for a face to face. interview. The face to face interview also went well so therefore I was hired immediately. My responsibilities consist of performing quality assurance archiving Fortune issues and Sports Illustrated issues. Daily, I check XML content to make sure the content in the XML matches the content in the PDFS. If the XML or PDF content is damaged I perform an editing process to make sure all content is accurate. My Supervisor’s name is Nadine Ghosn. Nadine is the director of operations with the digital content production department.



Nadine oversees the production of content management for various magazines such as Fortune, Sports Illustrator, Entertainment Weekly, Time, etc.  During the interview process Nadine and I quickly became accustomed to one another due to the fact that we had similar education paths. Nadine and I attended Borough Manhattan Community College before attending the New York City College of Technology. Nadine was the only person who interviewed me, so becoming accustomed helped the process proceed smoothly.




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