What have I learned?

In continuing my education after receiving my associates degree, I made a plan to obtain a position within a corporate business. This was important to me because I wanted to gain experience working in a corporate atmosphere. Time Inc.’s internship request provided me with that opportunity to learn about working in a professional environment. So far I’ve learned how to work independently with foreign outsourced companies. In working with foreign outsourcing companies my communication skills have become stronger. Time Inc. has also provided me with various editing tools in regard to content, design, and imaging. These skills will help me in my profession because I can apply this to organizing content as I develop websites and making sure my websites maintain quality content. Also, the skills I’ve learned will help me provide quality imaging and design to all projects I work on. Aside from working with quality content, design, and imaging, clerical skills such as emailing and creating spreadsheets have developed due to the fact that I must maintain collected data of magazines I’ve performed Q & A on.


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