Literacy narrative

Suraya jahan                                                                                   9/11/19


               Literacy narrative 


                We need to change our mentality and judgments when we see different kinds of people that are different cultures from other countries. I had my personal experience when people judge my cousin in front of me without knowing him. My cousin Nil is a very intelligent student he is from bangladesh. He has a really good sense of humor where he can understand a lot of unknown things.


              One day I was walking with him around our house and he was wearing some traditional cloth. After walking 10 minutes some bangali guy saw him and started talking about him. They wear judging him based on his clothes and looks. They wear saying lots of mean and rude things to him; they wear saying he work in a frame, why did he came here?  He can go back and he belong in animals house and field. 


          I got so mad that I wanted to fight with them, then my cousin stopped me. After few minutes what Nil said I was shocked and surprised at the same time. He replied politely in English he said “ I know I’m not American but without an immigrant like me the united states wouldn’t be a country”. He also though them a lesson by telling then how to talk to other people and respect other race of people; and not to think about yourself as the only smart person. They understood when he spoke better english than him, he thought them not to be judgmental. It is not right to judge someone by just looking at their looks and clothes.


     That day, I remember when I had to face problems like this. When I came to America 6 years ago I had to face a lot of problems. The biggest problem that I had to face was in school I didn’t know proper English that time.I had to take morning and after classes to learn better English. The most important thing to do in school was reading and writing and I had a problem reading all the time also I didn’t know how to write in a proper way. One day my teacher told me to read in front of the whole class I couldn’t read because I didn’t know how to read that upper level English. That I felt so low that I had that anger to learn English the best way I can. I worked hard everyday I used to ready books morning and night time before I go to bed. After 6  to 7 month my teacher noticed my English reading and writing. She was surprised to see my improvement.  

I was really happy to hear when my teacher compliments me. 


     I had to also face how I dressed go school but I was strong didn’t care what other said. I ignored all the people who said I look ugly and I need to dress up like them. I said I won’t change just because I don’t look like you guys if I need to change I will change for my self not for others. That’s day one girl came up to me and said that she was thinking wrong, she told me what happens with her how she was bullied when she first came to school because of the way she dresses up. That day she thanks me she said that she learned how to reply when she is not wrong. I felt proud of myself when I actually give a lesson to other people and they learned, also she used that power to explore her feelings and self-respect.


      As a result, I learned a lot of things from my life experiences, and I also though other people who faced the same problem as me. Never forget to answer back in a right way when you know you are not wrong. Also don’t make feel other people that you are weak so they can’t take any advantage of your weakness. 

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