The result of this project is having built all three working rigs. Run test with both light and heavy weight cameras.  Sample footage of camera with no rig, and one with rig.


After rigs are built I will post the designs, images/ videos, and materials online accessible to anyone who wishes to build or modify their own rig.

Proposed process model for completion:

In the process for completion, I will:

  1. Build prototypes to test material, structure, and capacity.
  2. Test rigs and have others run test as well.
  3. Modify if needed.


Culmination outcomes:

  • Successfully have 3 working rigs with test footage.
  • Having test footage of all three rigs.

 Project deliverables:

– Documentation

– Over the shoulder camera stabilizer

– Dolly

– Jib arm

– Test footage

 Required resources:

  • City Tech Scenic Shop
  • Wood
  • Angle iron
  • Caster/ Scooter wheels