Problem #4- F2M


For this problem we were the scenery crew for New York Stage and Film’s Powerhouse summer season, in charge of building the set for F2M. This was a full scale production, so it had to look realistic and  detailed. We as a team had to get our initial budget estimate approved of $30,000. If the initial budget could be brought down to $24,000 it would be approved. While looking back at the budget and seeing what could be reduced and changed the team saw an error with the paint calculations, thus allowing for most of the $7,000 reduction. The team decide that breaking up 2 rooms for each team member would be better for everyone to do some drafting & managing. During spring break we meet discussed details, numbers ands laid out standards that we all must follow.

My rooms were the Kitchen and tree. The hardest part of the kitchen was the brick wall (being that I never did a brick wall before). To over come this obstacle I grabbed old scrap homosote, rip and cut down to a standard sized brick, and calculated the time and efficiency of making the brick making. calculated time for a block of homosote into 2 bricks was 1.5 mins.

Here is the initial material list for the kitchen and tree. Including lumber, hardware, man hours and # of workers.

Probem #4- F2M Material list

For this problem i had to jump back into autocad for drafting purposes. I had to create build drawings (with attachment point locations), and lid drawings. This was a time consuming project for a person who hasn’t drafted in years. In these plates (k1- k6)you can see how to build, cover and layout bricks for each Kitchen wall.

Build drawings:

k1 k2 k3

Cover/ Bricks:

k4 k5 k6

Analysis/ Application:

By far the most real-worldly problem. These is what a Technical Director does, in the real-world there are budget changes, confusion with how to build something, errors in paper work, and the human factor. This problem projected challenges that appear and are in real-world setting. What I really took from this problem was the drafting aspect, it helped refresh my mind on how cad works and reacts. It is a skill I will continue to practice and apply to the my life and other project upcoming.

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