Problem #2- Deck


For this problem, we the technical direction team had to construct a given deck (Plate GP). This deck was to be used for a concert/ talent show going on right after the Haunted Hotel. The deck had to be built raised and there be a changeover for the floors. one must have a black floor for talents, and the other a bands logo.

The solution for the deck was simple, as a team we decided that the best way of doing this is by building stud-walls with triscuit’s.

Studwall design

The biggest challenge with this problem was the changeover of floor. As a group we decide that the black floor should be dueventyne with black gaff on all side, and the logo should be painted on to lauan.

Analysis/ Application:

Being that I work for an art and technology center, I can see how something like this might come up on a gig or is requested before hand. For example when the raisers seats are being used, your line of sight becomes an view of everybody’s heads. Only difference’s I see is that in a real-world application the heights vary and probably a logo on the floor wouldn’t be really needed.



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