A) Based on the readings, it has changed some perspectives on my own design work. Some were regarding rights, proper solutions, and entitlements. Use of Photography was a good reading since I do some photography work within my internship and personal work. As I take product photos for the clients, I am giving them the license and rights to use them for any particular circumstances. I may not be able to promote them under my portfolio but can refer to it as work I’ve done. This can reply back to copyrights. Copyrights define the ownership done by a designer under circumstances. Since I didn’t sign any disclosure or agreements regarding copyrights I have the right to post them for personal portfolio use.

B) The case study on the hope poster debate is common discussion among designers. As designers, we create new pieces of art which can translate as posters, menu boards, social media posts and other forms of medium. Most of the time these creations are taken from inspirations or ideal practices from others. Once they are reshaped by the designer, it can be considered a new work of art. Based on the case, giving credit or mentioning the inspiration of the work is needed to prevent such conflict.