Hello, my name is Jean Carlos Pichardo. I am a student attending at New York City College of Technology. The major I choice to study is Communication Design. The reason behind is the fact I tend to have a creative aspect in my life. It all started as a child.

Born and raised in the Bronx, it was a little difficult. With the neighborhood not being the greatest, I tend to stay home and draw whatever was in mind.  I would show off my pieces to my family with pride. They credited with how great my drawings were even though it was drawn by a four year old. As time passed on, I continued to be artistic during my school years to now. Everyone in the school would know me at the artistic kid or the who can your art assignment within a few hours. People would act me to draw their favorite character and be happy after receiving it. Once I noticed that, I wanted to continue that feeling ever since.

Now majoring in Communication Design, I want to pursue in photography. Reason being is I like to take photos as a hobby. A few of my friends would ask me to take photos of them or for their events. They would pay for the tickets to a boat party or the club just for me to come and take some photos. I like to capture the moment for everyone and have it solidified for them to keep for years to come.

Hope you enjoy looking at my pieces and to continue my passion for the future!