Jean Carlos Pichardo

ARTH 3311

Professor Trofimova

May 23, 2018

Last Reflection

In our last class session, we began to learn the topic of digital media in modern society. The digital media of graphic design has influenced a change in the world and has lasted for years. Some were the designs of influential designers and brand logos.

For starters, the meaning of being a designer does not relate too only to graphic design. Many call themselves as architectural designers, fashion designers, interior designers, and so on. An example of one designer is Marcel Breuer who designed the Wassily Chair. He studied and taught at the Bauhaus in the 1920s. He was a designer for architecture and furniture. The Wassily Chair has a slick modern design of simplicity and the use of metal. However, furniture or architecture was not the only factor in the digital media. Branding logos has changed the face of companies and to the world. One of the most recognized logo is Pepsi. The logo is a simple design of a circular symbol with three main color palettes, red, blue, and white. Logos alone can allow many to recognize what product or service is nearby and even last for generations.

The digital media of graphic design has been a major change in today’s society and in the past. It allowed for many designers to make ideas new and fresh. It also can help those to discover something new that may last of hundreds or thousands of years.