Jean Carlos Pichardo

ARTH 3311

Professor Trofimova

February 14, 2018

Assignment 2

In the second class, we discuss the invention of the alphabet and how it evolved over the years. Many ancient civilizations have invented their form of writing for their everyday life. However, it was unique for their purpose and usage.

Throughout the years, ancient civilizations have evolved to improve their way of living. One way they were about to achieve such knowledge and power is the invention of writing. Writing has helped civilizations to keep track of their progress and to seek improvements. Without it, they cannot remember what has failed from previous attempt and try other methods.

So many types of writing were invented throughout thousands of years. However, three forms of writings were highly used, which are Phoenician, Greek, and Latin. These three has shaped the way of modern writing today and other parts of the world. Even today, many designers and other fields are referring to ancient writings to display their work or message to the public.

We also discussed the lifestyle that ancient people had to deal with. A video was shown of a teenager in ancient Rome and how his life was already decided for him when he had no word in it. This relate back to one graphic designer, Vignelli. He decides what his work will come out to be and had no one to block his way. It’s a different society we live in and how we have the power to decide what is good or not.

Overall, the class has brought out great questions of what the field of graphic design must offer. The style and knowledge of knowing the past can help shape the future.