Jean Carlos Pichardo

Professor Trofimova

History of Graphic Design

April 25, 2018

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a significant event in history. It began in Great BritainĀ during the late 1700s to the early 1800s. Soon after, it spread throughout the world. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of mass production through machinery. Massive factories were built to support and contain the machines and the workers handling them. Many products were made rapidly thanks to these machines. However, the market to sale products were approach differently.

The market industry had to design a way to attractive buyers for their productions. The solution was through the creative and highly colorful packaging. Each product had a unique design and colorfully pattern that attract buyers. They even created them as cartoons to attract children to buy the products. This method of marketing has appeal to other designs in different fields.

The method of Industrial Revolution graphic design was used in advertisementĀ for events such as circuses, festivals, and even in the military. The graphic design had been used for presidential advertisement and in book covers also. The use of big imagery and specific use of fonts were the main components in the Industrial Revolution graphic design.

Overall, the Industrial Revolution had its unique method of graphic design to the public. It attracted to many people’s eyes and had been effective. Till this day, some of the key factors of the design is still used in modern advertisement and packaging.