A) Working as an intern for Legends Hospitality has been an interesting experience for me. My position has entrusted me to create menu boards for Yankee Stadium and handle the social media platforms for the Oculus’ Beer Garden. For Yankee Stadium, they provided me with the style guideline which contains color schemes, logo placement, usage, etc. They also provided our brands such as the beer logos, food chains, and the photos taken for their products. Even at moments, I was entrusted to capture photos of their products to be used on menu boards and point of sale systems. Some brands require trademarks symbols after the name of the food within the stadium. For the Beer Garden, I was given only their logo as a jpeg and no style guideline. I propose I can create a guideline for them within the summer which they happily agree to. 

B) When I started the internship I had connections working at Legends Hospitality since I already have worked with him for many years. There was nothing for me to sign to protect their company or branding of others. I believe there was an agreement done beforehand with the creative team owned by the Yankees themselves. They would send us the proper files and images needed. Same goes for working with the Oculus Beer Garden. After working with them for a couple of weeks they did want me to make sure that any work I do goes to them first. Once it is approved, it will be placed up on the screens or printed out. They also gave me full permission to use any work and photos of the project for my portfolio. I would have to make sure they release it on their end first then I can post it on my portfolio website.