The culture of my workplace within the stadium as an intern is a blend of many things based on the scenario. Weeks before the stadium was opened to the public, the workspace was very relaxed and casual with their attire and how they work. You can come in a casual dress shirt or top with a pair of blue jeans with sneakers. For workspace, I have my own cubicle with a computer and other supplies to maintain my assignments. My hours vary and are flexible with my supervisor. The usual hours start from seven or nine in the morning and leave from three to six in the evening. 

Once the stadium was opened, the workflow has changed. The attire changed to formal dress shirts and slacks while for me I wore the same attire alongside my supervisor jacket. During the event, I don’t usually stay within my cubicle all day. I stay up on the floors making sure the monitors have no troubleshoot and the pricing of the items are correct. So I carry around my personal laptop with a HDMI cable and tv remote. My hours also change based on what game it is from day versus night games, but it’s a consistent flow of 10  to 12 hours for the event.

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