Oral Pathology Paper

Click here to read my Oral Pathology Paper about Multiple Myeloma!

A patient with multiple myeloma could feel discomfort in their bones so as a dental hygienist, I should always make sure that the position that they are in during dental treatment is comfortable for them. Multiple myeloma can involve the jaw. The jaw may appear to look like there is chronic generalized bone loss with osteolytic lesions. Presence of multiple myeloma lesions in the jaw can also look like periodontitis. Its important for dental professionals to know the unique circumstances that the patient is being faced with and how it affects their oral health, especially when it comes to home care instructions because their oral condition may not be getting better due to the bone loss and inability to create antibodies no matter how much they follow our home care instructions. We should be understanding of this. Because of the bone loss, periodontitis, and inability to create normal antibodies especially at the later stages of the disease, patients will experience tooth mobility, inflammation, and bleeding. A treatment plan must be devised to ensure that the patient is getting the best and most comfortable treatment for their unique situation.

In this Paper you will find: 

a brief explanation and overview of the disease/lesion

discuss the underlying cause of the disease/lesion

Clinical Presentation
include both objective and subjective clinical descriptions

what is the age/sex/race breakdown or predilection (if any)

Biopsy / Histology / Radiographs
discuss what type of biopsy you take (if any)
what are the histological features
what are the radiographic features

Differential Diagnosis
list all the pathology that this could reasonably be mistaken for

include all treatment options

discuss the prognosis both with and without treatment

Professional Relevance
explain why this disease/lesion is relevant to you as a Dental Hygienist