Patient Satisfaction

“Jenan was the first dental hygienist I ever met. She looked after my dental cleaning that I had never done before. She was so confident and accurate with her work. She took good care of my dental cleaning. She also educated me well enough about brushing and flossing. She even gave me tips on how I can maintain my dental hygiene all the time.
 She is very dedicated to her work. Everything she does is with precaution and precision. I ll definitely recommend her everytime I get a chance for anybody look up for dental cleaning.  I wish her Godspeed in her work.”
“Jenan was very kind and informed me on how to better take care of my oral hygiene. The process was long however I don’t regret visiting at all. I feel more confident in my teeth and this experience has really made me consider seeing the dentist more.”
D. Lamage
“My time at the dental clinic in City Tech was great. They took good care of me, handled with proper care, looked after me. I haven’t been to the dentist for any check up for a very long time due to several reasons but when I found out about Jenan, an excellent dental hygienist and hopefully one of the best ones to graduate from there as a dental hygienist, took it upon herself to treat me as one of her patients. She was very kind, helpful, gentle with my teeth and would ask if I’m ok or not. This was a really great amazing experience for me and offered their best hospitality while being there. I’m glad I came across with her and the institute and from now on I will be happy to make appointments there.”