Public Health

Oral Home Care for Orthodontic Patients

Four classmates and I visited an Orthodontic Practice to teach orthodontic patients the importance of oral hygiene especially with braces and retainers. We created a brochure to hand out to patients as well as their parents, a poster for visual representation of oral home care techniques, and even showed them the correct techniques with our typo-donts! The toothbrushing technique we stressed here was Charters toothbrushing dental technique.

Head Start – Teaching Brushing to Pre-K students

On this day, we were assigned a pre-K class to teach tooth brushing. First we played a video called Gina the Giraffe which was a short cartoon video of characters teaching each other the importance of brushing and flossing. We then passed around a toy giraffe with a typo-dont insert where we instructed and demonstrated the Fones tooth brushing technique to the children.

Head start – Fluoride Varnish Application on Pre-K students

We visited the same Head Start Location and applied 5% NaFl Varnish on Pre-K students with the permission of their parents. This was a great experience for me because I was able to interact with many different children. I was also able to write a report about the current oral health of each child (whether they had cavities and needed dental treatment ASAP or whether everything was perfectly fine!

Colgate Smiles – GNYDM

Every year, Colgate invites many schools and students to the Greater New York Dental Meeting. The children have lots of space to do fun activities, learn toothbrushing, flossing, and rinsing, be screened by dental hygienists and dentists, and collect a dental goody bag on their way out. My tasks were to greet all the teachers and their students on their way in, to line them up and escort them to each station, and to hand out their goody bags in the end.