About Me!


A career in dental hygiene gives me the opportunity to focus on the preventative health care of the oral cavity while also focusing on the unique treatment plan for each individual as needed. I firmly believe that the overall health and wellness of the body requires giving heavy attention to the health of the oral cavity. My goal is to be the dental professional who is in tune with herself, those around her, and humanity. Dental hygiene gives me the opportunity to be this type of professional because the profession is based on the preventative health care of the patient and one’s self. Prevention means knowing what it takes to stay healthy and extending that knowledge to the community. I am happy to undertake the responsibility of conveying this knowledge to my community and emphasizing the importance of oral health and ultimately, the importance of our over all health. Fortunately, I can say that I am confident in my skills as a dental hygienist. I am ready to move forward from clinical practice in a university setting to a  professional workplace environment.

Studying dentistry and the components of the dental field for three years in Tottenville High School’s dental program introduced  and solidified my desire to enter the field of dentistry. Even if it may have been on a smaller scale, the program afforded me the experience of studying the anatomy of the oral cavity and getting familiar with the different instruments that are needed for the variant procedures. I have experienced what it is like to practically engage the theory I so passionately enjoyed learning about, including simple procedures like mixing alginate impressions and taking them; injecting oranges with anesthetics; taking x-rays; and learning about the proper way to floss. Including the importance of doing so and sharing that knowledge with others. Now that I am a graduate of City Tech’s Dental Hygiene Program, I have learned the theoretical and practical intricacies of local anesthesia, have taken a rigorous radiology and dental materials course among many others, and take impressions for fun!   I am prepared and motivated to excel in implementing what I have learned from this program in a professional environment. Graduating from New York City College of Technology’s Dental Hygiene Program has been a priceless and extremely rewarding experience.